Monday, 7 April 2014

Back into my books!

It's no secret that I once had an incredible passion for reading.  Particularly the paranormal romances of YA fiction, I was usually hooked.  Then one day, I lost my spark.  I didn't want to read for extensive lengths of time, I couldn't hold my concentration for hours through the night.  This period extended for an incalculable length of time until the other day, I returned to my mum's house (in between a move) and picked up my favourite YA book (arguably of all time)...Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick.

Back in 2010, I discovered YA fiction.  I bought hundreds of books in the space of a few years and was faithful to several series of books. It took me four days to finish The Hunger Games and Catching Fire and it took me several more years to finish Mockingjay.  Several series of books in this time became abandoned and alone, like some forgotten fairground, waiting for its visitors to return.

I visited Becca on her Crescendo Tour in December 2010 (second book in the series) and had my books signed and an amazing chat with Becca.  She was lovely and I did I write up on my blog.  I read the second book, Crescendo and shortly afterwards - lost my reading spark.  I think the gap in between books (a painful wait) was too much and I lost my spark in the meantime.  I couldn't believe I'd lost it because I adored those books.

Very recently, I picked Mockingjay up finished it.  Thankfully I'd seen the films so I was up to speed (relatively) with the plot, as it was a few years since I'd read the books.  Then I re-read Hush, Hush.  It had been so long I'd forgotten the ins and outs...I tried to read the third book in the series and was completely lost.  So I started at the beginning.  One book in the space of a few days..

Started reading Crescendo again so please expect my full write up of reviews on the series in the next few weeks. I'm back into blogging - please don't forget about me!