Thursday, 30 December 2010

Nat's Top Five Books of 2010: and the award goes to...

Hi there! 2010 was a good year for new releases in the YA genre – as well as some anxiously anticipated sequels.  In celebration of a year of excellent young adult literature, here is my selection of the top 5 books of 2010 (which I enjoyed for very different reasons!) and some anecdotes about why I loved them.

1.    Linger By Maggie Stiefvater – Best Love Story
Maggie’s seminal follow-up to the hugely popular Shiver was another breathtaking success, and delighted me with the return of some much-loved characters.  The romantic story of Sam and Grace’s love was challenged by further conflicts and new characters in this wonderful sequel – and the ending left me highly anxious for more. 

2.    Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick – Best Sequel 
     The unbelievable success of Hush, Hush paved the way for one of the most anticipated sequels of the year; and boy did Becca deliver!  In a story that dealt with the truth behind Nora's father's death and the challenges of loving a fallen angel (turned guardian angel, but that's besides the point!), it definitely lived up to my expectations.

3.    You Against Me – Best for challenging boundaries
 In a genre that is heavily populated with supernatural romance stories comes this controversial tale of assault, familial loyalty and difference.  This was a breathtaking read from the author of Before I Die with some intense subject matter.  But Jenny blew it out of the park with intelligent writing and wonderful characters – making them feel real and uncontrived.  In doing so, she created a story which stayed with me long after I finished the book.

4.         Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins – Best Storyline
Despite having only just read this – Mockingjay is without a doubt one of the best books of this year.  It’s intelligently written, its themes are mature and interesting and it has enough plot twists and turns to keep even the most demanding reader sustained.  The final book in a series of three, Mockingjay is without a doubt one of the best YA fiction novels out there; and deservedly so. 

5.    Night Star by Alyson Noel – Best Leading Male
Even though I don’t think this book was as strong as its predecessors, Alyson’s writing is still great and Ever takes a greater and darker journey in this book.  This will sound slightly shallow but I think Damen has to win it for a leading male.  Whilst Patch, Peeta and Sam come close- there’s something about Damen!  This book also paves the way for what I hope will be a fantastic climactic ending in Everlasting next year.

I did read more than five books this year and I have more than five favourites - but these were the ones that really stood out!  

On that note, what were your favourite books of the year?  Get in touch!



  1. Haha! Every single one of these appears on my TBR list.

    Here's my favorites (althought not all of them were released IN 2010... in fact, most weren't):

  2. I gave up on the Immortals series after reading Shadowland, maybe I'll give the 4th book another try sometime xD I loved Linger too, I liked Hush Hush more than Crescendo though. Mockingjay...I still don't know what to think of that book lol You should read the Pace series by Shelena Shorts and Angel by L.A. Weatherly, loved them! ;)

  3. Jess - I'll have to check that series out, and Angel is on my reading challenge list for 2011 :D

    Thanks for your comments :D

  4. Hey,
    I love your blog
    so my top 5 are:
    1)Vampire Diaries
    2)Morganville Vampires
    3)Poison Study
    4)Vampire Academy Series
    5)Fallen Series
    Although I'd like to read Hush hush and Crescendo